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Developing Scalable Parallel Applications in X10 David Grove, Vijay Saraswat, Olivier Tardieu IBM TJ Watson Research Center
Tutorial Objectives
Tutorial Outline
X10 Genesis: DARPA HPCS Program (2004)
Flash forward a few years… Big Data and Commercial HPC
X10 Performance and Productivity at Scale
Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) Languages
X10 combines PGAS with asynchrony (APGAS)
Hello Whole World
Sequential Monty Pi
Concurrent Monty Pi
Concurrent Monty Pi (Collecting Finish)
Distributed Monty Pi (Collecting Finish)
Distributed Monty Pi (GlobalRef)
Overview of Language Features
Distributed Object Model
Take a breath…
X10 Target Environments
X10 Implementation Summary
X10 Compilation
X10 Runtime Software Stack
Performance Model: async, finish, and when
Performance Model: Places and at
Performance Model: Native X10 vs. Managed X10
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Towards a Scalable HelloWholeWorld
Towards a Scalable HelloWholeWorld (2)
Towards a Scalable HelloWholeWorld (3)
Towards a Scalable HelloWholeWorld (4)
Finally: a Simple and Scalable HelloWholeWorld
K-Means: description of the problem
Lloyd's Algorithm
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Summary of Scalable KMeans in X10
KMeans initialization
KMeans compute kernel
LU Factorization
Summary of Scalable LU in X10
Accessing Native code
Allocation of Distributed BlockedArray (in Huge Pages)
Row exchange via asynchronous RDMAs
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Global Load Balancing
Global Load Balancing: Central Problem
Global Load Balance: The Lifeline Solution
Algorithm sketch for Lifeline-based GLB Framework
UTS: Unbalanced Tree Search
UTS Main Loop: processStack
UTS: steal
UTS: give
UTS: distribute & reject
UTS: deal
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X10 Global Matrix Library
Global Matrix Library
Matrix Partitioning and Distribution
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Slide 66
GML Example: PageRank
PageRank Performance
GML Example: Gaussian Non-Negative Matrix Multiplication
GNMF Performance
Global Matrix Library Summary
Sat X10
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Slide 74
Slide 75
Slide 76
X10 Project Highlights since SC’11
Summary of X10’12 Workshop
X10 Community: StreamX10
X10 Community: Large-Scale Traffic Flow Simulation
X10 Community: ScaleGraph
X10 Community: M3R – Main Memory Map Reduce (VLDB’12)
X10 Community: ANUChem
Final Thoughts
X10 References

Author: X10 Team